"Nwachukwu Egbunike shows a keen eye for the promise and threat of the internet in Nigeria, tracing the rise of the blogosphere and social media. Through it all, he maintains an insightful view of how technology is shaping the country today, and what could be done better. "
"Egbunike takes his ethnographic lenses to in this insightful collection of essays: with topics worth pondering deeply before investing, or wasting, one more character or hashtag in an online civic conversation or activism. He offers balanced and robust discussions on the socio-political and cultural undercurrents of the Nigerian social media space and goes further to question if or how the movement could impact real world processes, institutions, and outcomes. I strongly recommend #Hashtags to anyone who desires a deeper appreciation of the seeming inexorable social media movement, beyond being a mere participant or observer."
"Social media offers a unique lens into what tens of millions of Nigerians are thinking and feeling about their lives, their futures and their government. Egbunike drinks deeply from the well of social media, and draws forth ethnographic narratives that outline the aspirations and fears of contemporary Nigerians, from ethnic tensions, concerns about the vitality of leadership and hopes for a more open society. #Hashtags offers a glimpse into the world of social media at its liveliest and most energetic, the passions of Nigerians playing out online, 280 characters at a time."